Looks Harmless, Right ?

By on 02/23/2019

3,477 deaths  caused by this
and it may actually be worse than a 5th of whiskey or a case of beer
Texting or Facebooking while your driving is Not Kool

The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year. Nearly 390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving. 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving and 3,477 deaths and About one-fourth of all car accident deaths stem from distracted driving Like Texting or Facebooking.
Distracted driving causes more than 58% of teen car crashes. Car accidents are now the main cause of death for teenagers in the United States.

This is crazy People, put your phones away, you will survive with out them for awhile.

A Little over a year ago I was going into town and nearing the top of a hill just south of Sedan and noticed some shiny metal in the middle of the road and it was getting bigger, taller and moving more on to my side of the road, I quickly moved my truck to the ditch and came to a complete stop to trying to get away from it then it came over the top of the hill completely on my side of the road and it was a big truck. I held my arms up like what are you doing and then I saw he was staring at his phone. He then flipped me off ! REALLY !

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