Happy Birthday Elgin Your 150 Year’s Old This Year !

By on 01/31/2019


Yeap, what I call my Hometown! Elgin, Kansas. It was Founded 150 Years ago this year.
It went from nothing to a boom town, It boomed 2 times over the years I have been told
Once with Cattle, and once with Oil, and I really think there was another time when it was first founded.
In its peak the population increased to thousand’s coming in and out of Town with in a years time . Then down to what it is now to maybe 100 residents.
We will have some more about this a Little later. I was going to post a bunch of photo’s here with this, but decided to let you watch this
Video & Song by Oklahoma Mike it’s  Called “A Song For Elgin Kansas”
it just seemed more fitting and say’s far more than I could come up with right now for this post.


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