When Is Bright Too Bright

By on 01/29/2019

New Headlights Blinding Drivers

Well it happened again tonight, they blinded me to the point I had to nearly come to a complete stop because of these blue lights, I was under the impression that the state had out lawed them, but they are still blinding all the other drivers they meet on the road.

RAC says new headlights ‘blinding drivers’.  Drivers are being temporarily blinded by modern vehicle headlights all over the U.S. 

This is according to an RAC survey. Two-thirds of drivers say they are “regularly dazzled” by oncoming headlights even though they are dipped, the survey of 2,061 motorists suggests.

Are LED headlights blinding?

Ban Blinding Headlights. … T new HID, LED, Halogen headlights may make driving safe for the driver of a car with the blinding headlights but they are a SERIOUS DANGER and a real accident waiting to happen for the rest of us facing them!
One night I was going to my house, I had a vechile behind me like the photo on the left and one like the one on the right in front of me I could see absolutely nothing. Totally blinded. I could not see anything, nothing could not even turn into my drive. I could not tell where the drive was at all and I have been turning in to that drive since 1975 !
I am happy to say that it appears there is a movement starting to remove the to Bright Lights from the Roads.

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