Daisy, With CCT-TV And Our 7 Day Forecast Video !

By on 12/14/2018

With Today’s 7 Day Weather Forecast 12/14/18

The Chautauqua County Times / www.chautauquacountytimes.com is Your Local News Source.
You can also go directly to the CCT-RADIO Station by going to CCTRADIO.NET Or you can go to
CCT-RADIO  directly from the front page of the News Paper just click on the studio photo at the top
right, column or the link at the top of the page in the black bar and  that will take you right to the Radio Station Studio Desk.
We are now Adding CCT-TV.NET Look for the link in the black bar at the top of the Front Page. And now check this out CCT-TV.NET News Now  !

Sorry Due to some Tech Issues we do not have the updated 7 day forecast today.
But we do hope to have it sometime tomorrow!

But it is still current for the next 2 days !
Also you can check the 3 day forecast for current forecasts, it has been updated.

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