Floyd’s Market Online

By on 10/18/2018

Floyd’s Market Online Shopping Is Up And Running,

– Take Advantage Of This!

Floyd’s Market Online Grocery Shopping Online
Grocery Shopping and Home Delivery.

Just Look at the photo’s below the shelves are full and that is the way they
are 99% of the time.
This is a Great way to shop at floyd’s Market and You’ll
save time and money Floyd’s packages are regular size
Not less and when you actually take the time to figure it
out you can see just exactly how much you are not saving
at those other store’s.

Shop Local Shop Your Home Town Store’s and then Watch Your Home Town Grow !
Austin gave me a run through on how to do it You got to get the App First,
then the whole store is at your finger tips. Once you are at the Online Floyd’s Market
1. You Click the product category you want.
2. Then it will display all the products in the category all you go to do is pick out what it is you want,
 in my case it would be bananas.
3. Click the Green Button to place it in your cart.
4. Then when you got your everything in the cart you choose to Pickup or have it Delivered.
Ok There is one little thing they do not have every single product in the store online right now !
Just so you know this might not be exact but it is pretty much that simple. Congratulations Floyd’s Market
For a Job Well Done.

* They are adding more products all the time. But if there is something you can’t find then Just let

   them know and they will put it on as soon as they possibly can.
I know this is a massive undertaking to set up an online store of this size. I have been there and done that.
   So be  patient and understanding with them.

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