Liz Warren Is Really, Really White

By on 10/15/2018


Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic (read: Socialist) Senator from the state of Massachusetts who has long promoted the idea that she is of Native American heritage, released her DNA results and she does have some Native American DNA. But, and it’s a big but and I cannot lie, her percentage of DNA that is Native American is anywhere from 1/64th to 1/1032nd. That’s 0.1% to 1.6%. Yes, Liz Warren is likely whiter than you are. I didn’t include myself in there, because I had my DNA tested earlier this year, and I’m as white as the Christmas driven snow at the North Pole. It’s all Scandinavian, western European and British for me, my friends.

Anyway, back to Fauxcohantas, she does not have enough of the proper DNA to be eligible for Cherokee Nation membership. Imagine that!

So, while the leftist media is out there proclaiming, “Yes, Elizabeth Warren is Native American,” the fact of the matter is that she’s just not any more so than a large portion of the United States who hasn’t used their minute percentage of Native American blood to obtain a job with a six-figure annual salary.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is a fraud.

That’s the way I see it.

You can read more about this at where they go more into detail about Warren’s results:

Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Results Disqualify Her from Cherokee Tribes


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