Vote Red On November 6th!

By on 10/08/2018

This is my first video and it’s a bit of a tester. Don’t judge me.

After the Democrats showed their true colors during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, it’s important to prevent them from getting into positions of power.

On a side note, I believe I found the problem with how the other video presented itself, as there are several options on the upload page as to whether you want a video player, link, etc. Sometimes, I can be a little dense when it comes to technology.

Looking into it, WordPress won’t even give me the option to insert a WMV video as a video player. I give up. Also, I say MP4 in the video, and I should have said M4A. I think. Again, don’t judge me.

One more thing, my audio/video sync is fine on the file on the computer, but when I watched this after publishing the post, the audio/video is not in sync. Weird. Technology 1, Ron 0.

Vote Red On November 6th!


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