The Building Of A Fire

By on 09/04/2018

This Is A Video Story of what happened before and after the fire on one of the Absolute Worse day’s of my life!


OTASCO Sedan – The Rebuilding Project – 1st Time & The 2nd Time Around

The First Remodel on the OTASCO Sedan Building started in 2014 and took about 1 1/2 years. It was all but ready to have a Grand Opening.
Fire Happened December 2nd, 2015 at approximately as you can see on the clock when it stopped working at approximately 3:02 pm.
I am going keep the clock it is beside my desk now and will always be hung in my store as long as I am around.  I will  put it back on a wall in the New Building at some point. Photos below. I had spent several Thousand Dollar’s rebuilding the building for what was suppose to be the First New OTASCO Store,  in Sedan, Kansas.

The last time I added up the loss after the fire I was well over $156,000.00 Then I had to spend every penny I could get hold of, for the 2nd rebuilding, of the New OTASCO Store. I had 5 people Talking to me about Franchising the name so they could open their own OTASCO.

The FireBug cost me well over a conservative $156,000.00 as I figured it up. My Lawyer come up with over $200,000.00. I thought I was insured but as I found out that day I was not. The FireBug was ordered to pay $200.00 a Month for a total of $77,500.00 and she has absolutely no remorse for what she did. She also decreased several payments gradually till she got down to making only $5.00 a month, for 3 months. Then in doing that she got herself throwed in a state facility as they called it for 120 days. I received no payments for those months and the next 2 months after she got out.

I had daily sales from the internet websites. There was 20 main sites and then something over 200 of what I call billboard sites that directed traffic  to the main sites and it was working. I had sold products in almost every state and multiple sales in most. I also had sold products, to 8 different countries with multiple sales  in some of those. I still receive orders once in awhile but no inventory to fill the orders with.

Another thing about this I was employing people, working on the websites as many as 6 people was working at times.