I’m Stepping Away For A Bit

By on 01/23/2021

Due to the increasing insanity of the Democrats, it is incredibly depressing to see them in absolute power here in the United States, and continuing health problems, probably more so because of my health, which I don’t mention in the podcast, I am stepping away from this gig for a bit. It may be a week, which wouldn’t be a big deal, I’ve taken longer than a week to come up with something before, or it could be a month or longer. I don’t know, but what I do know is that I need a break from it all for a while. The time away will allow me to heal physically and mentally, and look into ways I can improve what I do here.

I may pop in from time to time with something apolitical.

I will be back.

Here is the Congressman talking about the bill I mentioned in the podcast.

Congressman Don McCoy of Michigan.

Sending billions of dollars to our enemies is absolute insanity on the part of the Democrats, but I suppose they’ve never met anyone chanting “Death To America” they didn’t like.


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