Thank You, President Trump!

By on 01/20/2021

Thank You, President Trump!

This podcast may sound a bit different. I got a new microphone which is much more sensitive than my old one. It picks up everything. You may hear my heater start up toward the end of the podcast.

Also, I think my interface between the mic and laptop is starting to go on the fritz. I had to start this podcast over because a few minutes into my first attempt, I saw a flat line. That’s not good for heart patients or podcasters. A new mixer may be in the works as well.

I should have come into this more prepared with Trump’s accomplishments as President. The list is long and it was hard to come up with just a couple of examples off the cuff. However, I mention a couple of great ones.

I should also elaborate on my little third party rant. There is no third party threat for president. That’s a Democrat or Republican thing. As far as local offices, yes, third party candidates can compete and win.

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