Democrat Insanity

By on 12/10/2020


Democrats have become completely unhinged in recent weeks, as the Republican party gets closer to exposing the sham that was the 2020 election.

Texas Representative, Terry Meza (Democrat-Irving), wants to end Texas’ “Castle Doctrine” in which a homeowner has the right to defend their home/castle. I explain and it is so ridiculous that you’re going to think I’m reading something from The Babylon Bee.

Joy Behar from The View thinks that we should start teaching real history in our schools. I agree. I go into further detail during the podcast.

Finally, I did not get into this story during my podcast, but it’s deserving of a dishonorable mention in the Democrat Insanity Hall of Fame.

Michigan State Representative Cynthia Johnson goes on an unhinged rant threatening Trump supporters because she has allegedly been threatened by them. Where is her evidence of the threats? We have her threats right here, as she was stupid enough to post them online.

Let me be perfectly clear about my opinion here. Trump supporters should not be threatening anyone on the Democratic side. I have my doubts that Ms. Johnson has been threatened, but if she has been, it needs to stop. Conservatives are better than that.

On the other hand, I have two words for Representative Johnson if she really wants her “soldiers” to get froggy:

Say When…


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