Blacks Are Not Being Targeted For Assassination By Law Enforcement

By on 08/29/2020

I discuss the Jacob Blake shooting and some facts related to violent crime as it pertains to race in America.

Correction: One difference of note for violent crime in America, I used the statistics for those 18 and above to determine rates per million. If everyone arrested is included regardless of age, whites were arrested at a rate of 1,178 per million, and blacks were arrested at a rate of 3,452 per million or 2.93 times more than whites in 2018. Since the number of blacks per million who have lethal force used against them is 2.45 times more than whites, but they are arrested for violent crime 2.93 times more often, then it stands to reason that blacks are not targeted with lethal force by law enforcement more often than any other race. In fact, it appears that they are less likely to be killed than whites are.

Also, my number of 39.6% of all murders being committed by black males may be inaccurate. I need to do more research. The number may be higher than that.

None of this data I present should be construed as some sort of animus toward blacks. My only animus is toward people, regardless of their ethnicity, who are lying about black people being targeted by the police for assassination when it is demonstrably false.

FBI 2018, Table 43, Violent Crime Arrests

Number of people shot to death by the police in the United States from 2017 to 2020, by race

Rate of fatal police shootings in the United States from 2015 to July 2020, by ethnicity*

US Census Bureau population data for 2018. Excel file

*A perfect example of how to lie using statistics. Totaling all deaths up for the years 2015-2020 shows a larger disparity in numbers when year by year data is more accurate. I should look to see if Statista has a list of violent crimes per million by race from 2015-2020. That would be useful in comparison to the data of police killings by race. It doesn’t matter. I did the math on that as well, as stated during my podcast, and above in my correction.


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