A Bear In Chautauqua County ? – Update

By on 06/21/2020

It appears so, this photo was taken by a game camera, about half way to Elgin, on the  south side of the county road a ways.
It was feeding at a Deer Stand.
That’s just what we need, we already have to many dear, Mountain Lions, that I have seen 2 so far. 1 full grown and the second that looked to be about half grown. The smaller one was actually
just North of Boulanger Oklahoma on the big hill going to Elgin.
Sound Was Added to this.

The Update –  According to the information I received today the Bear has now been seen North of the Elgin. So just be aware and carry your flashlight if you go outside at night and stay aware.

” Let us know if your have any photos or information of this bear and its travel to what seems to be the North. “

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