The George Floyd Riots. How Did It Come To This?

By on 06/01/2020

I decided to shun video for this edition. Sometimes, it’s best to just write things out.

Regarding the riots, I’ve seen people ask, “How did it come to this?”
It’s a legitimate question. We were at the tail end of the COVID-19 mess, and things were gradually returning to normal, and thank goodness for that.
Suddenly, I see people on Facebook outraged by the death of a black man at the hands of a white officer. To be honest, there have been so many “Little Boy Who Cried Wolf,” moments regarding such events over the past decade that my first thought was, “Oh boy, here we go again.” Michael Brown, “Hands up, don’t shoot,” anyone?
Then, I saw the video and I understood the anger. What happened to George Floyd wasn’t a situation that exploded out of control in an instant, as many of these occurrences are, it was a slow, controlled murder of a man by asphyxiation committed by a police officer and it is unacceptable.
As a conservative white man, I was appalled by what I saw on the video. As a person whose friends and family all trend toward being white and conservative, I do not know a single person who does not share my feelings. Not. One. Person.
Americans, liberal and conservative, black and white, were united by the injustice they saw and demanded that justice be brought to George Floyd’s murderer(s). People were protesting peacefully, as is their Right, and it was well and good.
Because of the unification of so many different people from all walks of life, the professional agitators moved in to divide them. Totalitarian order cannot be obtained over people who are unified in a cause. Busloads of people from out of the area were brought in, accompanied by pallets of bricks and possibly incendiary devices. Chaos followed, along with division. People who are in agreement about the horrible way in which George Floyd was murdered and justice needs to be carried out, are now arguing about whether the riots are justified or not.
Not all of the people involved in the rioting, looting, and burning are from out of the areas in which they are operating, many, probably most of them, are locals. People, as the Joker says in the movie, The Dark Knight, just needed a little “push,” and they followed their well-funded, well-organized agents of chaos into neighborhoods with the sole purpose of destruction. It will take these neighborhoods decades to recover from the consequences of the riots if they recover at all, and some people who lost businesses will never recover. They’ve lost everything. Simply put, rioting is never justified.
Professional agitators, my friends, is what happened, and the destruction they wreak upon society is as unacceptable to me as the death of George Floyd.

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