Pelosi’s Three Trillion-Dollar Deal! – Ron Mitchell JR. – Video Cast

By on 05/16/2020

That’s a 3 with 12 zeroes behind it: $3,000,000,000,000. Just one spending bill will add 12% to our already unmanageable national debt if the Senate passes it. Let us pray that they do not.

Also, during my rant, I say that deaths from excessive alcohol consumption averaged 88,000 dollars per year. Obviously, I pulled a Joe Biden and didn’t realize my mistake at the time. I said it again later, then I corrected myself, so I feel redeemed.  Deaths from excessive alcohol consumption in the United States average 88,000 per year. I have no idea what excessive alcohol consumption costs the United States in a dollar amount, but I’d assume it’s in the billions of dollars.

But, let’s shut down hair salons…

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