Governor Cuomo Suggests Economic Hardship Is Better Than Death From COVID-19

By on 04/24/2020

Since I’m having difficulty talking after my TIA/mild stroke, which occurred over two days last week, Thursday and Friday, I’ve decided to do a written “The Way I See It” over the next several days, weeks, months, however long it takes to get my voice back completely. Thankfully, my brain and fingers seem to be working properly.

I’m cheating today and borrowing my Facebook post from last night about Andrew Cuomo:

Governor Cuomo: increased domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse and so on from the shutdown is bad, but not as bad as death.

Tell that to the women who are getting the crap beat out of them daily, or the people who have relapsed from sobriety, or the families of those who have taken their lives because of the shutdown, you sanctimonious ass!

Yes, I know President Trump wondered out loud if disinfectant could be injected* to combat COVID-19, and that’s not his finest moment, but Cuomo insisting as fact that the side-effects of the economic catastrophe is better than dying from COVID-19 is far more asinine. The UN predicts that 130 million could die globally because of the economic impact of the shutdowns. Is that worth that one life saved, governor Cuomo?

Beyond that, Trump wondered, Cuomo insists! Insists! Insists! Because that’s what power-mad tyrants do. But, Orange Man bad or something. 🙄

*Honestly, if anyone injects disinfectant into their veins after hearing our President mention it, they should be inducted into the Darwin Awards Hall of Fame.

What I find terrifying is that several people I know to be Democrats never batted an eye about Cuomo’s brash statement that death from COVID-19 is worse than suffering domestic abuse/violence, relapsing into drug/alcohol addiction due to the shutdown over COVID-19. Their focus was on “Orange Man Bad!” They are small-minded people who exist only to parrot the left-wing narrative of “Orange Man Bad” no matter the cost to the American people.

What we have here in America and possibly globally, is a media that reports without honesty or integrity. They purposely twist what our President has said to make him seem evil, witless, or both.

I know this article is from Breitbart News, which leans almost as far to the right as you can get, but they also report closer to the truth on this matter:

Fact Check: No, Trump Didn’t Propose Injecting People with Disinfectant

For those who want to see Trump wonder about these things for themselves, I’ll include the video from NBC News Leftist Narrative, including their headline of, “President Trump Suggests ‘Injecting’ Disinfectant as Coronavirus Cure.”

Most media outlets in America such as NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and so on, are leftist garbage trying to force you what to think what they want you to think, instead of giving you accurate and relevant information to allow you to think and form an opinion for yourself.

If you hear something from those outlets that suggests Trump is an idiot, then may I submit that you find the source of their information, whether it be video, as I’ve done here, or an official transcription of what was said and check it out for yourself. You will find out that the media either misrepresents what our President has said or outright lies about it.

That’s the way I see it.


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