Let’s Call It What It Is: The Chinese Virus

By on 03/21/2020

I don’t know how many times I and others will have to repeat the fact that referring to the Chinese virus by its place of origin is not racist. It’s not!

I discuss that and Joe Biden’s rapid slide downward in mental acuity. His virtual town hall the other day was an absolute disaster. He seemed confused the entire time. Why are the people close to Joe allowing this to happen? If this were happening to the father or spouse of most people, they would step in and say, “You cannot continue to run for President.” I know I would. Dementia is no joke and what is even worse is that the Democratic party is so desperate that they will risk the health of one of their most prominent members in a bid to regain the presidency.

God bless President Trump and his team who continue to fight and update Americans on the Chinese virus.

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