Muh, Muh, Muh, My Corona… Part 2

By on 03/14/2020

It took a long time for this video to upload because my “borrowed” internet is incredibly slow. Here are some of my thoughts on the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic panic.

I want to add this in as an apology. During the video, I talk about poor hygiene in Italy as being part of the problem of the spread of the Coronavirus. As I was riffing off of the top of my head for much of the video, I was going by something I had heard once upon a time from a friend and didn’t think about the factuality of the comment. It is only the opinion of one person who visited Italy many years ago.

My first thought was to pull the video, but I won’t do that at this time. Just know that I apologize to anyone who might take offense to the comments about the hygiene of Italians that I made.

The fact is that Italy contains a large elderly population, the second largest in the world behind Japan. As the elderly are the most vulnerable to the virus, the pandemic has hit Italy incredibly hard. Instead of offering criticisms of the poor hygiene of Italians, I should have stuck to the facts. We should all pray for the people of Italy, and those around the world who have contracted the Coronavirus, and we should also pray that it doesn’t hit America as hard as it has Italy.

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