Impeachment Witness Vote, and Super Bowl LIV

By on 02/01/2020

Where I rattle on about the impeachment sham and Super Bowl LIV for almost ten minutes.

If you listen closely at the end, you’ll hear an edit which ends in me saying, “January of 2025.” I had mistakenly said, “January of 2021.” We all know Trump is getting re-elected in November. The Democrats have ensured that with this fiasco of an impeachment.



Final Trump impeachment vote teed up for next week after GOP blocks Dem effort for new witnesses

I’ve heard the vote will come on Wednesday. Be ready for riots in the streets after Trump is acquited. You know that Soros has his Antifa thugs well-prepared for this occasion.

Timeline of Events that Led to No Suspension for Tyreek Hill from the NFL

Tyreek Hill is a human piece of excrement.