Hello this is Matthew With CCT-TV.NET – Proposed Gun Laws

By on 01/14/2020


Hello this is Matthew, with CCT-TV.NET – News.
We have a troubling news item, to report, its about the new law in the state of Virginia, that is suppose to go into effect,  1/20/2020 and that is going to allow the state, to Confiscate the guns of good law abiding citizens.
Virginia’s, gun owners will now be forced, to stay on their toes, as its Democratic government, has announced, it’s going to take the war on guns into overdrive within the state.
Thousands, of Virginia residents, have shown up at meetings across the state, to try to block Democrats from enacting, new gun laws, with some gun rights supporters, openly discussing violent resistance, and civil war.
Virginia, Attorney General, says proposed gun laws will be enforced despite opposition.
Virginia’s, Democratic Government, Announced It Will Begin Confiscating, Guns, From Law-Abiding Gun Owners.
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, announced during a Cabinet meeting, recently, that now that Virginia’s, state government is under complete control,  by Democrat’s, for the first time in a generation, and that they, are going to take, the heavy stick, they were just given and begin beating, the gun owners, over their heads with it.
How Northam, plans to strip the legal gun owners, of their firearms wasn’t exactly discussed in detail. In fact, expressing details, wasn’t exactly high, on their priority list, Whatever is going to happen, Virginia’s Democrats don’t want the people, prepared for it.
My question is this,
Who in their right mind would even come up with something like this. Don’t they realize that in doing this, the only one’s on the streets with guns, will be the bad guy’s.   the bad guy’s, aren’t going to give up their Gun’s. what would have happened at that church in Texas recently ? ,  if the man and the others that was carrying their guns, had not been carrying?  how many people, in that church would have been killed, if not for those men. it’s not the guns, that is the problem. it’s the bad guy’s. Maybe those law makers need to figure out, there is next to no consequences, for the Bad Guy’s, that are committing the crimes, and mostly I think, because of the state and federal regulations, on our court systems.

The right to keep and bear Arms is clearly stated in The Second Amendment, of the United States Constitution, and reads as, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary, to the security of a free State, the right of the people, to keep and bear Arms, shall NOT ! be infringed on.  ” Now it looks like that pretty much says it all.

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