Chautauqua County High Speed Chase – UDATE

By on 11/01/2019

This is the Tahoe and it is For Sale she started it up and drove it out of this location.

I have some Update information on the chase

It was a local man and he stole a Tahoe in CedarVale, then from the way I understand it, he had tried to break into a Vehicle  or more on Bronco Road and then was messing around someone’s house in Chautauqua and driving around in someone’s yard and threatened someone with a gun. At some point the sheriffs office was called he was reported. As the first 2 Deputies was on their way to Chautauqua they met the Tahoe on 99 going North. When the driver got to the 166 junction there was 2 more cars there waiting to stop him and he evaded them also and headed East on 99. I was told that the driver of the Tahoe was running 90 to 100 miles per hour. He was passing cars that he came up on even if other cars was in the other lane headed for a straight on head on collision, Thankfully the driver saw they was after him and was pulling over and getting out of the way. When he got on the east side of Peru he turned on to road 27 then pulled into what I call the Red Smith place and parked the car in front of the house all the officers pulled in behind him and he was removed from the Tahoe. I was told he does have a record and has not been out of Jail for too long, They did not find a weapon in the Tahoe, They did find some ammunition in the Tahoe.

I Know there is a lot of someone’s going on here but we just don’t have all the details.
We will have more Details and information on this and another  UPDATE LATER TODAY !

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