Yes, They Really Do Roll Up The Sidewalks !

By on 09/17/2019

I must say I don’t agree with every thing is said in the article below, what I have typed here,  for my own reasons. But that being said I do agree with this artical far more than I disagree with any of it. Yes I am guilty about closing my store at noon.  I like to go and eat a cooked meal of some sort, because that is the only cooked meal I eat each day. I also like to be with people and talk and visit, because I have very little interaction with anyone else most of my 7 day’s a week at the store  or at my house. I am also there at my store till 5, 6 and even 7 in the evenings. Now I do almost get tears in my eyes when I drive down Main street on Saturday mornings. Because I remember what Saturday’s was like in the 50’s,  60’s, 70’s  I have been in a business in Chautauqua county for most of 44 years and most of that time has been on main street of Sedan.

We need new start up business people, committed to their new business and then we need to talk about the buildings that come up for sale. They need to be priced at what these buildings  are really worth in Chautauqua County. Then The Cities of Chautauqua county and the County also needs to step up and help new startups and help them and yes they need to Help them financially with Cash and with tax cut’s, utility cut’s and then, Help from the citizens of Chautauqua County, by Buying Local when ever possible.

That’s all I have to say here about this.
Mike Burns

Please read Jims article below and think hard, Sedan could look like Elgin, Chautauqua and  Peru In just a matter of a few years, the next few years are very critical for Our Hometown Main Streets.

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