How Much Cocaine Was In The Original Coca-Cola?

By on 06/12/2019

A little something on the lighter side because I’m diverse.


Proof-watching this video, I realized that my math was off in my first claim. I said that it would take four twelve-ounce cans of Coca-Cola to equal a skinny line, 15 lines to a gram, of Cocaine. In reality, it would take nearly eight cans at 8.6 grams per can to equal the 66.3 grams in a skinny line.

One twelve-ounce can of original Coca-Cola: 8.6 grams of cocaine.

Skinny line (15 lines per gram): 66.3 grams of cocaine.

Fat line (4 lines per gram): 250 grams of cocaine.

“Original Coca-Cola had a very small amount of cocaine” Article on I normally wouldn’t use Salon unless I were debunking one of their claims, but I don’t know why they would lie about how much cocaine was in Coca-Cola, so I used them.

Cocaine: How Many Lines Per Gram? You should be warned that harsh language is used throughout the discussion.

My apologies if the video doesn’t play correctly. I’m getting audio on my end, but the video isn’t moving. I’m just sitting there with my mouth open like an idiot. Hopefully, that’s just my crappy internet at work.

And a little humor to end this with: