Something Needs To Be Done About Hwy 99 Between Moline and Sedan

By on 04/30/2019

Highway 99 between Sedan and Moline is dangerous and something needs to be done about it. There were two fatality accidents nine days apart, and another accident today, just two days after the last fatality.


Pictures say a thousand words and then some. The truck from the fatality accident from April 28th just feet away from the cross erected by the girl’s parents at the scene of her accident on April 19th.


The truck from the April 28th fatality next to the cross erected because of the fatality from April 19th.


You can see the girl’s cross just to the right of the cab of the truck from the accident on April 30th.

I normally don’t use the big fonts because they make me feel like I’m yelling, but today I’m yelling. Contact someone from the county, the state, and tell them that this road needs to be fixed.

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