Sedan Police Department Email Tip Hotline – KEEP –

By on 06/14/2018

“Introducing the Sedan Police Department email tip hotline.”
Help take back our community by emailing us at;

? ? or by messaging us on facebook.
* This is not a substitute for 911 or (620)725-3108. Emergency and non-emergency services will not be dispatched through this hotline as it will not be monitored 24/7.
* This is for community tips and may be used for investigative purposes and compiling case data.
* Your details will remain private and only factual information should be submitted, not rumors or hearsay.
* Your tip could be the key piece of evidence needed in a much larger picture.
* Thank you for taking a stand against crime.

Disclaimer: It is unlikely, but possible that information submitted leading to criminal charges may result in being subpoenaed to testify.

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